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TIME is a University of Queensland global health society that is made up of over 1200 students and alumni members. We are unique in that we unite medical students, allied health students and junior doctors who are brave, creative, intelligent, and driven to tackle the challenge of health equality.

If you believe in our cause and would like to play a part in promoting global health education and delivery around the globe, please support us by making a donation or by getting involved in our projects! 


Our Projects

TIME projects play a vital role in our mission to advocate for global health equality. These projects focus on different central themes, such as maternal, refugee and Indigenous health. We are also involved in global health outreach through our Medical Aid Project and our partnership with Maluk Timor. 


upcoming Events


time for change hackathon weekend
10th-12th may 2019

This innovative event invites the best and brightest students, health practitioners and change-makers of all persuasions to contest the presitigious inaugural TIME Health Innovation prize - the winners of which will walk away with a cool $500 towards making their project a reality.

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global health summit
27th july 2019

It's time for us to step up and confront the health problems affecting disadvantaged communities in Australia and around the world. This summit aims to raise awareness about the immediate global health issue of our world, inspire students with how change is currently being driven by medical and health professionals, and empower students to take practical steps in creating change.

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medical aid project bake sale
11th-13th august 2019

More information coming soon!


Get Involved

If you wish to join our mission towards the establishment of equitable healthcare at home and abroad - wait no longer and get involved with TIME today!

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