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Thank you for your ongoing support of all of our events and fundraisers in 2018. All the best for your upcoming assessments and we look forward to 2019 with our amazing new Executive Committee!

Check out the 2018 TIME UQ overview here.

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Our Projects

TIME projects play a vital role in our mission to advocate global health equality. The projects are run with different central themes - Maternal Health, Refugee Health, Indigenous Health, Green Med, The Medical Aid Project, and our Partnership with the Bairo Pite Clinic. 


Make a Difference

TIME is the University of Queensland’s global health society of over 850 students and alumni members, with exposure to over 2500 students and health professionals. We are unique in that we unite medical students, allied health students and junior doctors who are brave, creative and intelligent; driven to tackle the challenge of health equality.

If you believe in our cause and would like to play a part in promoting global health education and delivery around the globe, please support us by making a donation.  


Get Involved

If you wish to join our fight towards the establishment of equitable healthcare at home and abroad, then wait no longer and get involved with TIME today!

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