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AMSA GLOBAL HEALTH CONFERENCE 2014 - in the eyes of Emily Shao (TIME AMSA Rep 2014)

The AMSA Global Health Conference is an opportunity for students to be inspired by speakers who have changed the world, and to meet like-mined students who are passionate about global health.

And these are the two sides of AMSA GHC: academic and social. The academic speakers are so varied, and they are of such incredible calibre. But there are a few stand outs for me.

Dr Grant Blashki, one of the founders of Doctors for the Environment Australia, gave a fascinating talk about the health aspects of climate change. Why should doctors care about climate change? That’s a good question that I couldn’t answer before attending to global health conference. In the big picture, climate change is a causative agent for a huge amount of natural disasters- causing a massive loss to human life and health. But in an immediate sense- there have been more frequent and more severe heat strokes, and naturally, the number of deaths due to heat strokes are increasing. You may think climate change is irrelevant to health and doctors, but it is so intricately connected.

I was lucky to hear Stella Young, a disability rights activist, speak at the Sydney Global Health Conference. She sadly passed away late 2014, but her funny and insightful story about her life and how doctors have influenced me forever. A lesson I learned from her was to respect everyone’s sexuality. She said a doctor has only been asked about her sexual activity twice in her life. When she brought it up with her endocrinologist once, her endocrinologist laughed at her.

I could go on and on about the amazing academic speakers. Lucy Perry, the CEO of Hamlin Fistula Institute was just amazing to listen to. The speech made me go on and buy the book “Hospital by the River” and learn about the incredible service that Reginald and Catherine Hamlin have given to Ethiopian women. Daniel Flynn, the co-founded of the Thankyou group gave a speech about his struggles, and how his passion pushed him through and led to the founding of a successful company, which he founded when he was 19.

The social aspect of GHC is what keeps people coming back though. I could go on and on about how there are hectic loose parties, but its an AMSA conference so you already knew that. As a signpost for those interested in going to GHC just for the parties, the parties are not at the same level of hectic loose as the AMSA conference, tone it down a few notches and instead of having a “blindly drunk” time you will have a “happily tipsy” time. 

But its really the students you meet at GHC that inspire me. There are so many people my age or younger, who are doing so much for the world. Who are so intelligent, outside of medicine, so well versed in current affairs, already so experienced in global health. Meet them and learn about what you can do now, what you can do to make a difference. It is these people who inspire me to do more, now!

More Testimonials

I wish I’d discovered GHC sooner! I didn’t go in first year, worried about having no friends and no “experience” or knowledge in global health. How wrong I was to think I wasn’t ready for the absolute kick-ass amazingness of GHC presentations, workshops and parties!! I made friends from Victoria, WA, Cairnes and NSW even whilst part of the Uq delegation. I cannot recommend it highly enough!
— Bethany Holt
GHC Sydney was one of the highlights of 2014 for me! We not only listened to countless inspirational speakers – from medical politicians to human rights activists to altruistic entrepreneurs – but also participated in some super fun workshops which included learning the lag screw technique for repairing bone fractures, some tips from politicians on communicating with politicians, and one awesome afternoon of food and relaxing activities to help our own health. Above all, the opportunity to discuss global issues and compare experiences in medical school with similar students from across the country was incredibly valuable, and these friendships were consolidated as we enjoyed Sydney’s nightlife together.
— Joce Desoe
What mixes Nobel Peace Laureates with global change makers? GHC. Inspirational speakers with extravagant social nights? GHC. Social entrepreneurs with students? GHC. Barring you winning a free lifetime subscription to UpToDate, I can guarantee GHC will be the best thing that happens to you in 2015. What I can only describe as a week of immersive experiences, inspirational stories and incredible people, GHC is a platform to discover your global health passions and meet likeminded medical students from around Australia. With a past academic line-up ranging from nobel peace laureates to past MSF presidents, social innovators to students, GHC will open your eyes and show you how you can instigate change, right now. And with an awesome social program that makes convention look like child’s play, how could you say no? Get keen, get excited, get planning for GHC 2015!
— Tom Pearson

GHC 2015

The AMSA Global Health Conference 2015 is on again in beautiful Perth in September and everyone invited! Pre-requisites: none! The incredible stories, ideas and lessons discovered at 4 academic days GHC will 100% inspire you, whoever you are, about health and your future. Whether you've never known about global health or looking for practical advice for a career in the area, you are sure to gain a tonne from the experience. And of that's not enough the people you'll meet over 5 nights of amazing social events will be the cherry on the cake. But why trust us? Check out what 2014 delegates have to say about Sydney - then go to the GHC2015 blog (URL) for an enticing taste of what will be serves up in Perth (did we mention there is a naked chef??).