Applications are now open for TIME's Bairo Pite Clinic Elective Program for 2017!

This opportunity is open to 3rd and 4th year students with an interest in global health. Applications will close May 18.

The four successful students will spend four weeks volunteering at the the Clinic in Dili, Timor-Leste, helping to deliver free medical care to the local community. They will undertake some pre-departure training in global health ethics and be expected to conduct fundraising to help contribute to BPC's needs. The Elective Program is a unique and challenging opportunity to learn about global medicine and health care delivery in a low-resource context.

Please read the attached application form and fill in and email to Bethany Holt ( or send her an email if you have any questions!


WHY a partnership with Bairo Pite Clinic?

Health inequality on our shores

Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC) is a not-for-profit hospital located in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste (or East Timor). Timor-Leste has the 10th highest rates of tuberculosis (TB) infection in the world, and the highest in South East Asia. The young country has made great improvements since its establishment 11 years ago, but is still desperately in need of additional support to improve the quality of life of its citizens. It is a shocking example of stark medical inequality right on Australia’s shores (only 700km away!), and one that TIME is committed to changing.

BPC provides free and essential medical services to over 300 Timorese people every day. Care ranges from preventative vaccines and antenatal screens to emergency treatment for life-threatening conditions such as infection and trauma. It also provides support to rural areas through mobile outreach activities. Since its establishment in 1999 by Dr Dan Murphy, Bairo Pite has been predominantly supported by the generosity of private donors. It is persistently underfunded, and has critical need for further support to meet the basic health needs of the people of Timor-Leste. On some days there is not even enough paracetamol or penicillin to treat patients – a situation that is unimaginable to us here in Australia (when we can easily pop a few Panadol to help recover from a hangover!)

Preventing the spread of HIV/AIDs

BPC was also the first clinic in Timor-Leste to identify PLHIV (persons living with HIV) and currently cares for the largest cohort of patients in Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste is regarded as a country with a low prevalence of HIV, with limited data estimating it exists in 1% of the Dili population. However, the spread of HIV/AIDs would be lethal for Timorese people – as many who are silently infected with TB would go on to develop life-threatening illness with an HIV co-infection.

In Australia, we now live in a time where being HIV+ is NOT a death-sentence. But rather, most PLHIV go on to live happy, healthy and productive lives, with the appropriate anti-retroviral treatment. This is far from the case in Timor-Leste. Less than 50% of PLHIV in Timor-Leste currently receive treatment for HIV/AIDs, resulting in a high mortality rate from this highly escapable disease.  

This is a situation we have the power to prevent.

For more videos relating to the Bairo Pite Clinic, visit the 1000 Reasons website.


HOW will our support make a difference?

Employing HIV/AIDs Counsellors

Over the next four years, TIME has committed to fundraising at least $12 000 to donate towards meeting the most important needs of BPC. Since 2014, TIME’s fundraising efforts have supported the training and employment of HIV/AIDs support counsellors at BPC. It may be easier to imagine the number of Timorese lives that will be saved by donating drugs, surgical equipment or vaccines to BPC. This is how the majority of charities donate to BPC. However the long-term, sustainable impact that well trained, full-time HIV/AIDs counsellors have on the health and wellbeing of BPC’s patients is far more powerful and astounding. Furthermore, by training local Timorese people, this project contributes to significant local capacity building, and sustainable development.


Meeting the short and long-term needs of BPC

We are committed to putting donations towards locally-identified needs, not things we can ‘put our name on’. Each year we meet with the BPC Board of Directors to review the target of our fundraising. Whilst modest in amount, the flexible and consistent nature of our fundraising is greatly appreciated by BPC, and so in that way is invaluable. For this reason, we are open to shifting the focus of our fundraising from year to year, in line with the BPC’s current needs.

This is a call for help that we have the power to answer.


WHAT can you do to help?

Attend to our fantastic fundraisers!

TIME runs annual fundraisers for BPC, in our bid to raise $3000 per annum to support core health programs at the hospital. The largest of these – the Kick Off Party – occurs in Feb or March each year, and is a fantastic opportunity to mingle with other TIME members whilst donating your ticket price to this important cause. We have been creative with a number of other fundraisers over the years, including popcorn machines, aerobics marathons and more. We encourage you to take one of many opportunities to use your time and dollars to contribute to improving health outcomes in BPC!


Sponsor TIME’s events that support the clinic!

Our monetary support to BPC Clinic is extremely valued, particularly for its consistency and flexibility. However it remains modest in amount, given the many causes we support as an organisation. TIME is seeking long-term sponsors to help boost the support we offer BPC Clinic. If youor your organisation would like to sponsor any of our events or otherwise support the clinic, please get in touch with our Sponsorship Officer ( and BPC Coordinator ( for more information.


Apply to the BPC Optional Elective Program!

An invaluable part of TIME’s Partnership with Bairo Pite involves sending four representatives in their third or fourth year of UQ’s medical program to the clinic each year. These students have the chance to do their own fundraising for BPC, which can be spent on meeting the very short term and acute needs of the hospital, such as drugs and medical equipment. The students will also document the impact that TIME’s core fundraising has on the Bairo Pite’s activities, and blog about their experiences to share with TIME members at home. The Elective Program strengthens TIME’s partnership with BPC by providing ‘feet on the ground,’ and gives TIME an opportunity to build understanding and awareness of the difficulties faced by BPC, so that we are able to optimally respond to their needs in future years.

 This is a difference you have the power to make.


For more information about the Bairo Pite Hospital, visit their website at


Thank you to our Bairo Pite Partner, Walshs Brisbane.