Congratulations to these students and thanks to all who applied. We hope your time at Bairo Pite gives you greater insight into international health and the issues faced in low-resource countries. As we are endeavouring to continue this partnership into the coming years, please look out for announcements from us to learn more about future opportunities. 


Nicole Graves

Where I’m from: Nicole hails from Nova Scotia, on the east coast of Canada.

What I did before med: Before starting med at UQ, [I] completed a Bachelor and Masters of Science in Microbiology & Immunology.

The global medicine appeal: [I've] always had an interest in global medicine as it provides the opportunity to learn about other cultures as well as utilising one’s skills and knowledge in challenging and rewarding environments. [I am] incredibly excited to be traveling to East Timor to complete [my] elective at the Bairo Pite Clinic!


Kobi Haworth

Where I’m from: Tamworth born and raised. Proud Queenslander since turning 18!

What I did before med: Tried my hand at the pharmaceutical trade (i.e. Pharmacy) in Brisbane and Far North Queensland. Volunteered with AYAD (Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development) as a Pharmacist at Lautoka Hospital, Fiji for 8 months before returning to Oz and switching to Med.

The global medicine appeal: I love that working/volunteering abroad in healthcare provides an opportunity to learn about other cultures, values and lifestyles while assisting with a fundamental and universal human goal - health.  Exchanging health ideas and skills in a global context is essential to developing and improving healthcare systems to better serve populations.

Emily Shao

Where I’m from: I’m a Sydney Sider (and I do go for the Blues) but have been a Brisbanite for the past 5 years.

What I did before med: I was a twosie. Exciting Stuff!

The global medicine appeal: You could practice medicine in Brisbane your whole life, but where’s the fun in that! There’s a whole world out there to see and learn about- I think everyone should practice overseas for a while. You’ll think you have the best method to do something (because it’s the only way you’ve learned) and then you’ll see it done completely differently, but you can learn from that and take the skills and knowledge back home. Likewise, we’ve been taught at one of the best medical schools in Australia, there might be something we can teach, there might be something we can do to be useful.



Angus Crombie

Where I’m from: I’m from Bollon, Southern QLD.

What I did before med: I’m one of those twosies who did science before starting med.

The global medicine appeal: I love medicine in resource-poor settings, where the efficiency and ingenuity of a health practitioner can provide excellent treatment to patients, despite having few medical tests and supplies available.