Well....you did it!! Together we raised over one thousand six hundred fifty two dollars - that's $1652 all directly going towards funding a desperately needed HIV Counselor for the Bairo Pite Hospital. THANK YOU to all of you making Saturday night stellar with your support and generosity of dollars and time. From the Polaroid shots-for-shots, looked like you had a great evening!



We have been BLOWN AWAY by the support of TIME’s sponsor – Walsh’s. They have generously donated $1000 – yes ONE GRAND – in support of TIME’s partnership with BPC this year. And it is is thanks to you, our supporters! Walsh’s agreed to match dollar for dollar YOUR donations at the Kick Off Party, up to $1000. This brings us within $400 reaching distance of our fundraising goal for 2014, so stay tuned for information about upcoming fundraisers!



TIME is excited to announce that Nicole Graves, Kobi Haworth, Angus Crombie and Emily Shao will be heading to Timor-Leste, along with TIME Chair Bethany Holt, to help work in the Bairo Pite Clinic this summer! Congratulations to these students and thanks to all who applied. We hope your time at Bairo Pite gives you greater insight into international health and the issues faced in low-resource countries. As we are endearing to continue this partnership into the coming years, please look out for announcements for us as to future opportunities. Click here is to read the short introductions about Nicole, Kobi, Angus and Emily. Find out more about  their interests in global medicine.



TIME was fortunate to be invited to the UQMS/SOM Global Health Conference this year, where we had the opportunity to continue fundraising for BPC. With the assistance of hungry second year students, we added another $185 to fundraising for BPC! Thank you to all those who came along, and especially to TIME’s sponsor MDA, which generously donated the popcorn machine!! Remember, every single $$ counts towards providing free and essential care for PLHIV in Timor-Leste. But don’t take our word for it; here is some words of encouragement from one of BPC’s Directors, Chris Fenton:


“I just wanted to also say well done to you and your team.

The funding of everything that BPC does in Timor relies

upon our raising the funds month by month and every bit

of assistance (and $3000 is a very good bit!) is precious.”


Keep up the great work TIME supporters!



On Fri 28 and 29 November, over 50 fit and fantastic people stepped, attacked, pumped, combatted, jammed, and balanced their bodies, as part an aerobics marathon held cbj the healthclub. A huge THANK YOU to all who gave up their time and energy to sweat it out for BPC!! In our last fundraiser for 2014, their generosity helped us raise over $350 towards stopping the spread of HIV in Timor Leste. Check out the awesome photos of the event to see how much fun we all had participating in this unique fundraiser!



TIME UQ is absolutely thrilled to announce that we have surpassed our goal to fundraise $3000 for our new partner, Bairo Pite Clinic in Timor-Leste!!! Every single dollar has been donated to help stop the spread of HIV in Timor-Leste, by paying for a desperately needed HIV Counselor for the hospital. TIME is committed to supporting this life-changing intervention over the next three years, or until it becomes sustainable.

Such a fantastic result could not have been achieved without the support of many people - our wonderful members, Cathy from MDA for our popcorn stall fundraiser, the incredible staff and particularly Brian Ross and Kate Tyrrell of CBJ Healthclub for hosting the aerobics marathon, The Stock Exchange for putting on our KickOff Party and a special shout out to Walsh's who made a staggering $1000 donation towards BPC! We, and BPC, are so grateful for all of your generosity!

Below is a very heartening quote from Dr Dan Murphy, founder and full time doctor at BPC, speaking about TIME's work this year:

"First of all let me say that it is quite amazing that such a group even exists. Paying lip service to global inequality in access to health services is one thing, but highlighting it as TIME is doing is exemplary and a noteworthy effort for all of us to follow."


You heard it TIME supporters - by getting involved with TIME's fundraisers for BPC, you are doing something very REAL. THANK YOU again for your support on this new project this year, and get excited to continue to take action on medical inequality in Timor-Leste in 2015



Now that our wonderful BPC Elective Students are working hard at BPC, you will have the unique opportunity see TIME’s FUNDRAISING IN ACTION. You will hear from Emily, Nicole, Kobi, Angus and Bethany, who are completing their optional elective at BPC this summer. Not only will their blogs give some insight into the delivery of free healthcare to the people of Timor-Leste, but will also document the work of the HIV program, and its brand new Counselor funded by TIME - Filomena!