AMSA Global Health Council: March 14 & 15, 2015

Over two jam-packed days at AMSA Global Health Council in Sydney, TIME has come away with even more passion and enthusiasm for the year ahead! This event occurs twice a year, and is an opportunity for representatives of each Global Health Group (GHG) to come together with the Management Team of AMSA Global Health for a weekend of collaborating, sharing, creating and up-skilling.

Two TIME Exec members – Kaiya and myself – attended this first AMSA Global Health Council. We were exposed to some excellent new projects going on around the country, and very excitingly, started discussions to collaborate with Griffith, BOND, and JCU on some of our events. We brainstormed problem solving strategies, received training in budgeting and policy development, and were inspired by the visions for AMSA Global Health’s national projects – Code Green, Red Party, and Cross Borders for Health.

For the first time, AMSA Global Health Council was held in collaboration with the AMSA Council, which enabled far more contact and sharing of ideas between the GHG Reps and their corresponding university AMSA Reps. Consequently, TIME will be increasing its involvement with the AMSA Think-Tanks this year – stay tuned for your chance to have a say on the national stage about global health issues that are important to you!

All in all, we have come away with 5 things:

  1. Passion to strengthen and expand TIME’s activities – with events and projects at the state-wide level, and meaningful involvement in the AMSA policy process.
  2. Immense pride and satisfaction in the work that TIME is already doing. The quality and variety of our activities is impressive even on the national stage, as is the cooperative way that our wonderful team operates and interacts.
  3. Desire to take up all the wonderful national and international global health opportunities – from conferences in Macedonia and Malta (watch this space!) to elections of the 2016 Management Team.
  4. New skills and knowledge about how to run our GHG more effectively
  5. A fantastic group of friends with whom we can nerd-out with all things global health, but also party with at days end

We would encourage all TIME members to consider attending the next Council in Perth – right before GHC!

Written by Bethany Holt, TIME AMSA Global Health Rep.