Effective altruism or “doing good better”

“Where can a small set of individuals make the biggest difference?” This was the question posed to us by a group of JCU students who want to challenge how we all think about giving. As a student organization without a huge budget, this is a key question – but one that can be hard to answer. Cue: effective altruism.

Effective altruism is a movement that applies evidence and reason to this problem. While all true charitable endeavors by definition do good, are they all equal? Do some charities do more good for a given donation than others? Can we actually measure how much ‘good’ is done by a charity? These are all questions we’ll be talking about over the next few months, and we know you care to. We challenge you to take a moment to think about how you give. Could you be doing good better? Could TIME be doing good better? We’d love to know what you think.

Read more about these students and effective altruism here.

Words from Tom Pearson, Chairperson for TIME 2015