TIME incorporated on November 13, 2013 and at that time, a new constitution was adopted. Below is a link to the constitution. For information on TIME Inc, see here.

The current constitution is available for download here: Constitution


The 2010 TIME Executive Committee resolved to codify aspects of TIME’s activities and corporate governance. This was done in recognition of the need to maintain a level of corporate continuity in the face of rapid executive and membership turnover, and a need for consistency in the direction, development and sustainable impact of TIME’s activities. We hope that this will serve as a guidance on best practice to facilitate TIME’s effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its Mission, Vision and Goals.

Please contact our secretary, Jess, at if you would like copies of the following documents, or would like to be involved with TIME’s corporate governance/policy formation.

Ratified documents:

  • POLICY: The Development, Ratification and Repeal of  Official Policy and Terms of Reference
  • POLICY: Relations with Similar Organisations
  • POLICY: Media Releases and Official Representation
  • POLICY: Climate Change and Health

Documents under development:

  • POLICY: Sources of Sponsorship and Funding
  • POLICY: Sustainable Impact of Projects
  • POSITION STATEMENT: University of Queensland Union
  • MoU: Manali Medical Aid Project
  • MoU: Towards Rural and Outback Health in Queensland
  • MoU: Supporting Women in Medicine
  • MoU: University of Queensland Medical Society, University of Queensland School of Medicine, and the UNMDG Project
  • MoU: AMSA Global

We are also developing Terms of Reference for TIME Officials (including Representatives, Project Convenors and Event Convenors).