Connecting our health and environmental sustainability

About Green Med

GreenMed is a project aimed at raising awareness and educating medical students of climate change issues. We aim to cultivate environmentally conscious behaviour in the medical students today so that they can become positive role models as clinicians, and take these positive behaviours into hospitals and clinics.


Our Projects


Waste-Free Cost-Free Morning Tea

Kicking off Code Green Week, the Waste-Free Cost-Free Morning Tea aims to create awareness on the ongoing #WarOnWaste, packaging and plastic free ingredients were sourced for this event. Free porridge and chai is served for free to students who brought their own bowls, spoons, and mugs.



The fun environmental trivia night during Code Green Week is aimed at creating awareness for a sustainable future. 

Green Festival

Last event of the Code Green Week is the Green Festival, a fun day with a bike workshop, free food, music circle and bake sale. 


Documentary Screening

A conclusion to Code Green Week, this  event includes a documentary screening on an environmental issue followed by a discussion amongst peers.

Green Med Seminar

During the seminar, speakers are invited to speak about the environment, how it relates to health and what we can do towards a sustainable environment.

Past Speakers:

  • Mr. David King - DEA
  • Ms. Jane Sullivan - GCI
  • Ms. Linda Selvey - Wilderness Society, Greenspease