GreenMed is a project aimed at raising awareness and educating medical students of climate change issues. Moreover, we aim to cultivate environmentally conscious behaviour in the medical students today so that they can become positive role models as clinicians, and take these positive behaviours into hospitals/clinics.

The long-term objectives of the project are:

  • Raising awareness about environmental health issues among the UQ community
  • To engage students in environmental health issues through volunteering and collaborations with local organizations including the DEA (Doctors for the Environment Australia.


In 2015 the TIME’s Greenmed Portfolio focussed on getting involved and raising awareness in the following areas:

1.     Healthabitat – Ethiopian Hand Washing Challenge

2.     Climate Denial Lecture

3.     Moving towards Divestment and challenging UQ

4.     Contacting MPs about Australia’s commitment to climate action

TIME’s involvement with Healthabitat, headed by Paul Pholeros is the second year we have worked with the organisation. This year a team competition was run to see who could best design cheap, safe and effective hand and eye washing stations for implementation in Ethiopia as a part of the Hollows Foundations “SAFE” project of change, aiming to reduce the incidence of Trochoma and resulting blindness in the area.

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Science denial is an issue with significant societal impacts, whether it be denial of climate change, evolution or vaccination. John Cook (climate communication research fellow) gave the tell-tale characteristics of science denial, using examples from climate change and examined the social science research into how to practically and effectively respond to science denial, drawing upon cognitively psychology, educational research and the psychological research into inoculation theory.

Beau Frigault also talked at this event linking the health related effects of climate change to its impacts on humanity and why we should be taking it seriously

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This year TIME was proud to announce its plans to Divest – this is the process whereby an organisation or company moves its funds away from banking with those banks that support the mining of coal and petroleum aiming to make their economic losses in business more substantial than those gained from their investment into mining companies, in an effort tokeep the coal in the ground and reduce our total emissions. At the UQ front this campaign is being headed by Fossil Free UQ, who we were happy to work with this year in pressuring UQ to do the same and Divest, whilst still in progress we hope with enough support UQ will be able to make this change

Read about the movement here

and get on board at UQ

The AMSA Code Green campaign this year has been centred on making contact with the local MPs to discuss our concerns regarding Australia’s position on climate change issues, these include the post 2020 emissions reduction targets and Australia's commitment to action on climate change at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP21) in Paris. Whilst the emission cuts announced by Australia (26-28%) were well below the 45-65% target recommended by the climate change authority, continued pressure in the hope for greater commitment and bigger reductions is essential

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