Providing medical aid to developing communities around the world

About the medical aid project

The TIME Medical Aid Project (MAP) was founded in 2005 by a group of UQ medical students who saw an opportunity to incorporate global health outreach into their elective experiences. 

TIME MAP aims to facilitate long-term improvements in the healthcare system of developing communities through creating and fostering ongoing relationships with their local hospitals. Through understanding the needs and health statuses in developing communities, and through fundraising efforts to procure medical supplies and equipment, students gain an appreciation of the importance of global health issues while simultaneously raising local awareness and addressing the immediate needs of many grateful communities worldwide.

Each year, TIME MAP equips first year students with medical supplies to bring over to the developing communities that they will be visiting during their electives. Countries where students have previously brought medical supplies include Ecuador, Kenya, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, India, Fiji and the Solomon Islands.



  1. Establish ongoing relationships with hospitals in developing communities to facilitate donations of medical equipments and supplies in the future;
  2. Promote awareness of issues faced by hospitals in developing communities;
  3. Provide a platform for students to engage with global health issues through facilitating access to medical equipment and supplies for the purposes of donating them to the hospitals and developing communities that the Project supports;
  4. Assess and maintain the ethics and responsibilities of the project to ensure its activities follow best practice in serving the health and welfare interests of the communities that the Project supports;
  5. Establish the Medical Aid Project as a reputable avenue for individuals and parties desiring to provide goods for the purposes of medical aid and relief.

Our Projects


Lenakel Hospital

In order to facilitate sustainable aid, TIME MAP established a long-term relationship with the Lenakel Hospital and provides medical supplies brought over by elective students. 

If you would like to go to Lenakel Hospital for your medical elective, please email us at

Medical Supplies

With the assistance of Aidborne Aid, TIME MAP distributes medical supplies to UQ Medical Students travelling to developing countries for their medical electives. 

If you have organised an elective for 2018 and would like to apply for medical supplies and equipment, please fill in the form below!

Fundraising Efforts

Over the course of the year, TIME MAP organises various fundraising events including multiple bake sales and the Annual Beach Volleyball Tournament.

For more information on TIME MAP's upcoming events, visit its Facebook Page!

If you would like to make a donation, please visit our Crowdfunding Page!