The TIME Medical Aid Project aims to create and foster ongoing relationships with hospitals in developing communities in an attempt to facilitate long-term improvements in the health of the people they serve.

The many UQ medical students undertaking placements in needy areas around the world identify communities for the Medical Aid Project to work with. Through liaising with these communities to understand their needs and health status, and through the sourcing and provision of medical supplies and health initiatives to these communities, students gain an appreciation of the importance of global health issues while simultaneously raising local awareness and addressing the immediate needs of many grateful communities worldwide.

2015 MAPs Report:

The TIME Medical Aid Project has grown greatly in 2015. With an amazing team, the project has more than doubled its funds and the supplies it has procured. We aimed at the beginning on the year to reach a financial goal of $5000 raised and to increase the specificity of the supplies we ordered at the end of the year and tailor them to the hospitals receiving the supplies. The year began with a fundraising barbecue at UQ which whilst mildly successful, did a lot of good in raising awareness of the project, particularly throughout the first year cohort. This meant that throughout the year we received very detailed requests for supplies from students, allowing us to provide the best aid we could to the hospitals. The Med Revue bake sale was again a huge money earner with many people donating baked goods over the three nights, and allowing us to bring in over $1500 at this one event. The final major source of our funds was an extremely generous donation from Ironside State School who donated $2000 raised from their most recent school dance, and we could not be more grateful to them. Following another final barbecue our total reached more than $4500, extremely close to our ambitious goal with room to grow over the coming years. With this money we were able to supply a variety of standard medical consumables (bandages, cannulas tongue depressors among others) as well some more substantial equipment such as two foetal Doppler ultrasound machines and a few nebuliser pumps for use in the wards. These goods will reach a wide variety of countries when the first years head off on their elective, with students visiting countries such as Ghana, Kenya, India, and Nepal, among others. Overall, the project has come a long way this year and still has potential to grow in the coming years. 

- Ted Justo, 2015 Medical Aid Project Convenor


Project Goals

  1. Provide a platform for students to engage with global health issues through facilitating access to medical equipment and supplies for the purposes of donating them to the hospitals and developing communities our Project supports.
  2. Establish the Medical Aid Project as a reputable avenue for individuals and parties desiring to provide goods for the purposes of medical aid and relief.
  3. Establish ongoing relationship between hospitals in developing countries to facilitate donations of medical equipments and supplies to the hospitals in the future
  4. Promote awareness of issues faced by hospitals in developing countries and facilitate the purchase of medical equipment and supplies on behalf of hospitals in developing countries
  5. Assess and maintain the ethics and responsibilities of the project to ensure its activities follow best practice in serving the health and welfare interests of the communities we aim to help.

If you have organised an elective for 2015 and would like to be involved in the Medical Aid Project, please fill out and submit the form below: