Medical Indemnity Protection Society

MIPS membership affords a number of entitlements and benefits including insurance cover and support should there be a complaint, investigation or legal action as a result of your involvement in any healthcare you provide as a student.

Why do I need membership?

The following provides examples where MIPS has provided support and assistance:

  • bullying and intimidation by staff

  • clinical incompetence

  • disputes with hospital or university

  • complaints about taking photographs of patients

  • complaints from patients relatives about treatment and communication

  • inappropriate conduct or use of social media

  • boundary or sexual transgressions (eg intimacy) with patients

  • mandatory notifications to AHPRA or regulators.

Membership benefits cover approved supervised student healthcare activities

  • Observation, taking a history or performing the physical examination of a patient

  • Writing a patient management plan and interpreting investigations

  • Administration and principles of admitting and discharging patients

  • Communicating with patients, relatives and staff

  • Basic clinical activities (dressing wounds, venepuncture, cannulation, suturing, assisting in surgery)

  • Basic dental activities (scale/clean, oral health instruction, simple extractions, restorations)

Plus, Student membership is free!