What is the Maluk Timor elective?

  • A public health elective with clinical exposure.

  • A unique opportunity to learn about what capacity building and system strengthening looks like on the frontlines, whether this is day-to-day clinical operations, public health issues of the region, and health system building - all in an international setting.

Why Maluk Timor?

TIME ensures that this elective remains ethical and sustainable for the community served by continuing to support Maluk Timor and preparing students with pre-departure and arrival orientation by local staff.

Where is the elective? 

The Maluk Timor Clinic is in Díli, Timor-Leste. Timor-Leste is an island country south-east of Indonesia and north-west of Darwin.

When will the elective run?

Mid-November to mid-December.

Where will I stay? 

Accommodation for this elective is provided. The host for this elective has been a Díli local for 17 years and can link you with all the social events occurring around the city.

What are the costs?

Approximate costs for this elective are:

  • Flights to Díli: ~$1000

  • Food: $15-30/day, depending on the meals

  • Transport: walking, Microlets (~15c), or taxis ($3-5)

  • Additional costs of sightseeing and tourism

    *If you are successful in your application for this elective, a bursary of $500 will be provided by TIME.

If you have any questions please email Lily Pham at

For more information on Maluk Timor, visit their website

Applications for this elective are open until 1st July 2019. Applications are competitive, due to capacity limitation (2 positions available).