2017 Days for Girls Packing Day


Date: 15th of May 2017      

Time: 11:00AM-2:00PM

Location: Walkway between Dose Cafe and Mayne Medical School


As part of TIME’s Maternal Health May we will be holding a Days for Girls Packing Day! 

Days for Girls is not-for-profit organisation that creates & distributes sanitary kits to disadvantaged girls & women in 88 countries throughout the world, including Kenya, Afghanistan, Honduras, Mali, Nepal and Papua New Guinea. In these communities, when girls are on their period they have limited resources to manage it & resort to things such as maize, newspaper & leaves - many of which leave the girls with infections, which in themselves have long-lasting repercussions. Furthermore, girls in such communities are unable to attend school while on their period, resulting in 2 months/year of missed school. 

The kits we will be packing contain 2x underwear, 2x clip on reusable liners, 4x washable liner inserts, 1x soap & 1x washer. The kits last for 3 years, meaning an extra 6 months at school, which leads to better employment prospects, health outcomes & so much more. 

So please come along and help us pack sanitary kits for these deserving girls!

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