2017 Seminar One: Local Advocacy in a Global Community

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Date: 8th February 2017

Time: 6:30PM-8:30PM

Location: Steele Building, Room 206

Come join TIME UQ for our first seminar of the year, focusing on “Local Advocacy in a Global Community”. We have a fantastic line up of speakers from:

Orange Sky Laundry
Orange Sky Laundry is the world's first free mobile laundry service for the homeless. A crazy idea in 2014 to put two washing machines and two dryers in a van and wash and dry clothes for free. Starting in the streets of Brisbane, Orange Sky has now grown to 11 services across Australia in Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Adelaide, SE Melbourne, Wollongong and Hobart. Orange Sky Laundry now does over 6.9 tonnes of laundry every week. However most importantly, has over 1,300 hours of positive and genuine conversations every week.

Micah Projects
Micah Projects is a not-for-profit organisation in Brisbane committed to providing services and opportunities in the community to create justice and respond to injustice. They engage with people experiencing adversity due to poverty, homelessness, mental illness, domestic violence, disability, and discrimination due to age, gender or sexual orientation, providing a range of support and advocacy services to individuals and families according to their needs and capacity.

Meri Toksave
Meri Toksave (“information for women” in Tok Pisin) is a youth-led nongovernmental organisation which designs and delivers and programmes and partnerships for the advocacy of gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls, and the elimination of gender-based violence in Papua New Guinea. Founded by Ayesha Lutschini, Courtney Price and Tasman Bain in 2013 and with team members in Brisbane, Suva and Port Moresby, Meri Toksave’s principal project is the first and only nation-wide directory to improve information asymmetries and inaccessibility of cross-sectoral emergency and support services and referral systems for survivors of violence. 

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