Every year our seminars seek to explore, educate and seed inspiration. Spanning a broad range of topics from the dangers of voluntourism to refugee health.  Come along to hear from aid workers, policy makers and more! Interesting conversations and likeminded students included.

2016 Seminars:

12/03/2015 - TIME & TRI presents: Refugee & Asylum Seeker Panel Q&A

This panel was an interesting exploration into the effects of our immigration policies and societal structures on the health of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers. While it can be tough to work in an area that appears to have had minimal change over the past years, the panelists all offered a unique perspective on the issue and some tentative steps we can take to work towards a solution. Everyone left the auditorium with a far greater wealth of knowledge and a ray of hope. 

24/08/2015 - Lecture: Why medical students can't deny climate change

For more event information, head to the Facebook event here. 

For more event information, head to the Facebook event here.