2019 Kick Off Picnic

2019 Kick Off Picnic


Welcome to TIME UQ’s first event of the year! Our ordinary general meeting (OGM) is an incredible place to make new friends, catch up with your global health-minded mates and enjoy a wholesome afternoon. Our convenor and representative positions will also be announced so don’t miss out!

Food will be provided so feel free to come a little hungry. Bring a picnic blanket or a ball to kick around if you have something you want to do. We will be providing some space to sit as well as some card games and conversation.

Come down to New Farm Park for a relaxing afternoon of games, snacks and new mates. A perfect study break!


Tickets are $5 for existing members and free for all new members (included in your lifetime membership)!

All proceeds go towards Maluk Timor in Timor Leste. Visit https://maluktimor.org/

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