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ApplicationS Closed for 2019

Maternal Health Convenor (2 Positions)
As Maternal Health convenor, you will have the opportunity to raise student interest in issues such as maternal mortality in low-income countries and urogenital problems such as fistulas. This can be accomplished by engaging students through informational events, volunteering with local organisations or any other methods that would increase student engagement. Previous projects have included movie nights, seminars with speakers who have practiced OBGYN in low-income countries, assisting in the organisation and running of Days for Girls and participating in the Zonta Club Birthing Kit Assembly.

Refugee Health Convenor (2 Positions)
With asylum seekers and refugees being a strongly debated contemporary issue in Australia, the Refugee Health convenor seeks to improve student engagement with the prominent refugee population of Brisbane. Amongst our projects includes the Healthy Start Program, run in conjunction with H4H (Griffith) and M.A.D (Bond), which seeks to improve health literacy amongst newly arrived refugees. Other potential projects include volunteering for the Lantern Parade Walk for Refugees and holding informational seminars.

Indigenous Health Convenor (2 Positions)
The Indigenous Health Convenor has an expanding role in recent years as TIME recognises the importance of enhancing student awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and health issues. Collaborations with local community members and organisations is key and these organisations include but is certainly not limited to NAIDOC and Deadly choices.

First Year Representative  (1 Position)
The first year representative promotes TIME's projects and events to the first year medicine cohort. They act as a link between the cohort and the exec, letting the exec know about feedback and questions from the cohort.

Science Representative (1 Position)
The science representative promotes TIME’s projects and events to science students. They act as a link between the cohort and the exec, letting the exec know about feedback and questions from the cohort.

Allied Health Representative (1 Position)
The allied health representative will promote TIME’s projects and events to allied health students. This will include promotion to nursing, midwifery, physiotherapy, pharmacy, dentistry or occupational therapy students - to name a few. They act as a link between these cohorts and the exec, letting the exec know about feedback and questions from the cohort.

Medical Aid Project Convenor (2 Positions)
The TIME Medical Aid Project aims to help UQ medical students engage with hospitals all over the world through the provision of medical supplies to hospitals, which students attend for their electives. Hospitals that have received medical supplies are located in countries including India, Peru, Vanuatu, Vietnam and more. As the convenor for the TIME Medical Aid Project, you will work with fellow students going on electives, most often to developing nations. Your role will be to be the lead in the running of the project, starting from planning of the timeline all the way till sending off the boxes of medical supplies. Previous project activities that conveners have helped to plan for include fundraising efforts such as bake sales and contacting clinics to donate supplies.

Fashion Show Convenor (2 Positions)
The TIME Annual Charity Fashion show is the most glamorous event of the year and as the Convenor, you will be responsible for overseeing the organisation of the entire Fashion Show. You will be expected to organise and liaise with the Band, Music, Lights, and Stage-Hire and work in conjunction with the Creative Director and the TIME Events Manager to plan and produce the event. On the night, your roles may include setting up backstage and other backstage duties, running the Raffle, managerial duties and ensuring the event runs smoothly. This is a fantastic opportunity to use your organisational skills and enthusiasm to run a very exciting event while contributing to medical equality and raising funds for a worthy charity. Check out the photos from our past shows and be sure to send us your application right away! 

Red Aware Convenor (1 Position)
The TIME Red Party is part of an initiative of the national Red Aware Campaign in which TIME has actively taken part in since 2011. The Red Aware Campaign is a fight against HIV/AIDS and promotes safe sex practices while raising funds through various events to support research and treatment for the debilitating disease. As the Red Aware Convenor, you have a chance to throw an amazing Red themed party and have a ton of fun! Your duties include (but are not limited to) securing the venue, decorations, setting up a budget document, running the Safe Sex Olympics on the night and ensuring a great party. You will be working with the TIME Events Manager to run this event and contribute to promoting and raising funds for HIV/AIDS research, treatment and awareness.