Shaping the future of TIME UQ


TIME Inc. is a company limited by guarantee and has the following memberships:

  • ASIC

  • ACNC

  • Queensland Office of Fair Trading

For members who wish to have an input on the strategic direction of TIME, the TIME Corporate Membership is for you! As a Corporate Member, you will have a personal liability of AUD$1 in the unlikely event that TIME Inc. becomes bankrupt.

Joining is easy!

Step 1: Get a TIME Membership 

Step 2: Click the "TIME Inc. Corporate Membership Form" button and fill in the required details and then submit the form.

Membership is renewed annual. There is no limit to the number of renewals and no additional cost to become a TIME Corporate Member..

Benefits of the TIME Corporate Membership includes:

  • All TIME Member benefits;
  • Ability to be elected onto the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors (requires at least 1 year of Corporate Membership before application);
  • Voting rights for Board of Directors; and
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.

Please contact the Secretary of the Board of Directors if you would like further information.

For more information about TIME Inc., please contact our Board of Directors.


We would like to thank the generous lawyers at McCullough Robertson in Brisbane for their invaluable donation of legal counsel.