We are always excited to have people volunteering their time for worthy causes. If you would like to lend a helping hand with TIME projects or events, please contact the relevant executive member or convenor below: 

Manager of Projects - Alexandra Miller - projects@timeuq.org

Manager of Events - Dan How - events@timeuq.org


Maternal Health Convenors - Lauren Chimes & Alix Murphy - maternal@timeuq.org

Refugee Health Convenors - Minnie Vo & Katie Jo - refugee@timeuq.org

Indigenous Health Convenor - Max Mitropolous - indigenous@timeuq.org

Green Med Convenor - Shannon Lovegrove - greenmed@timeuq.org

Medical Aid Project Convenors - Jess Monteiro & Rockie Kang - map@timeuq.org

Fashion Show Convenor - Emma Carlisle - fashion@timeuq.org

Red Aware Convenor - Charles Heald - red@timeuq.org

First Year Rep - Michelle Kim - firstyearrep@timeuq.org