2016 Elective Info Night

Date: 16th May 2016

Time: 5:30PM-8:00PM

Location: Lecture Theatre T203, Hawken Engineering Building (50)

Want to ask questions about your upcoming elective, and how to organise and make the most of it? Well, come along to TIME UQ's annual Elective Info Night and ask away. Hear from students who completed their electives in 2015-16 and get a real idea of all the opportunities available and what to expect when you get there.

Also we will be launching our inaugural, free Electives Handbook on the night! Sponsored by Work the World, the Handbook will be a comprehensive collection of experiences and advice from students who just recently completed their electives.

Presentations on the night will cover rural and metropolitan placements, a number of international placements, scholarships, placement programs, aid projects, as well as the gritty administration aspects with advice on contacting practices and putting together your elective. 

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